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Since September, the Hudson City Schools Foundation (HCSF) has been undertaking relaunch efforts throughout the school and business community. As a community member, you may not be aware that Memorial Stadium at Hudson High was
the Foundation’s first big effort over 10 years ago!

Since that time, the organization has created the annual Hall of Fame event for both Athletics and Distinguished Alumni/Staff of Hudson High School. In addition, the Foundation has promoted and sponsored numerous Artists in Residence programs throughout the district and raised funding for various academic projects
not covered by the district’s everyday budget. March 1st has been designated as our first ever Giving Day.

Starting March 1, we are asking our community to come together in support of Hudson kids and Hudson City Schools Foundation’s efforts.

The Foundation recently undertook a strategic planning effort and redefined the position of what our Foundation stands for and can do for students.

Our Mission is that the Foundation exists to enhance the educational experiences of students by creating valuable connections between the district, its families, alumni, and the community. The Foundation is the primary partner for donors seeking to directly impact Hudson’s public schools.

The Hudson City Schools Foundation is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that endeavors to acquire and distribute supplemental funding to the district for student-centered programs  and projects in the areas of Academics, Arts, and Athletics.

  • We foster collaborative connections with and among the district, families, alumni, and the community. 
  • We facilitate fund acquisition and exercise responsible resource allocation.
  • We provide financial support for student-centered programs and projects identified by the district.
  • We explore philanthropic opportunities for donors desiring to impact Hudson public schools.

Please consider supporting the Foundation’s relaunch with a donation during March, so that our efforts can make a significant difference for Hudson’s kids.

Ed Sogan, President
Hudson City Schools Foundation
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