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The Hudson City Schools Foundation was formed in 2008 by founding members Bill Wooldredge, Tom Tobin, Jim Hackney, Kurt Nygaard, Phil Kazar, Dan Williams and Ed Sogan. Former Superintendent Steve Farnsworth attended and advised each meeting.

We facilitate projects and offer additional opportunities outside the district's budget.

We started with a mission to Enhance the Hudson Schools Academics, Arts and Athletics.

Athletic Facilities: Our initial meetings were to discuss possible projects and Superintendent Farnsworth recommended looking at athletic facilities. We brought together the Hudson City Schools, our foundation, the Athletic Boosters, and Hudson Community Foundation and started the process - to design, fund, oversee and complete Scott Malson Field at the Middle School. In subsequent years projects included Hudson Memorial Stadium, Malson Athletic Center and Entryway, and the renovation of the Tennis Courts at Hudson High School.

These multiple-year projects would not have been possible without the planning and generous funding of Tom Murdough and
Dick Malson.




















The foundation also launched additional projects including:

Hudson School's Athletic and Distinguished Alumni - Honoring those former students who excelled in Athletics at Hudson High School and those alumni who have made their mark in their careers.


Music Artist in Residence - We engaged a college professor in a semester-long project working with our three Jazz Groups - Jazz One and Two at Hudson High and the Middle School Jazz group. He met weekly with the musicians and composed music for their end-of-the-year performances.


Artist in Residence - At the Middle School we had a Northeast Ohio Artist work with the students in Art Class to create tiles that

were placed on cubes outside the Art Room at the Middle School. This was also a semester-long project that had the Artist instructor advise the students on creating this artwork that will be a part of the Middle School for years to come.

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