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Hudson Distinguished alumni and athletic  Hall of Fame

The Hudson Hall of Fame (HOF) began in 2012 with the first Athletic Class. Previously the Alumni Association had recognized graduates who were brought into the new HOF with the first Athletic and Distinguished Classes.

The Distinguished Award is based on their careers after graduation.  The Athletic HOF is based on their Hudson High School accomplishments.  Many went onto outstanding achievements in college and some in professional sports. The HOF recognition ceremony rotates these two areas bi-annually.

The Hudson City Schools Foundation is proud to support and recognize the accomplishments of our Explorer Alumni through the Distinguished Hall of Fame and Athletic Hall of Fame.

Additional tickets can be purchased for friends, family members and community members who want to be a part of the Hall of Fame ceremony. Adults: $20/each, Children 3-12: $11/each, Children 2 and younger: Free

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Congratulations to the 
athletic hall of fame
class of 2023

Wesley Smith - Cross Country and Track

Anderson Smith - Cross Country and Track

Rod O'Donnell - Cross Country and Track Coach

Marcela McNeill - Tennis, Basketball and Softball

Brian Winters - Wrestling and Football

Mallory Vehar - Field Hockey and Lacrosse

Cammie Trainer - Field Hockey and Lacrosse

John Hahn - Golf

Dave Blue - Boys Lacrosse Coach

Team Award - State Championship Boys Lacrosse 

The Distinguished Hall of Fame provides inspirational role models for students, provides recognition for past graduates, and promotes a legacy of community pride.

Fifth class - 2022

Betty Banks Burke - Teacher

Barb Breedon VanBlarcum - Class of 1977

Emily Mugler - Class of 2002

David Russell - Class of 1972 

Harvey Shumaker - Teacher

Joe Siegferth - Superintendent 

FOURTH class - 2019

Bridie Carroll, Class of 2000

Russell Gates, Class of 1981 

Richard Grell, Class of 1967

Kenneth Kuryla, Class of 1978

Bradley Lepper, Class of 1974

Melissa Makris, Class of 1979

Darin Zahuranec, Class of 1992

Third class - 2017

Marion C. Albee, Staff

Brandt Evans, Class of 1990

Lawrence Reed Hoy, Class of 1973

Rick Kellar, Class of 1982

Bob Mottice, Staff

Greg Naples, Class of 1991

Dorothea "Dodie" Snyder, Staff

Scott Richard Sabol, Class of 1992

Jerry G. Varnes, Class of 1978

Second class - 2015


Sue Lutz Carter, Class of 1975

Chris Cosma, Class of 1974

Raymond "Skip" Hyser, Class of 1973

David Kirkpatrick, Class of 1969

Rick Malson, Class of 1982

Arch McDonnell, Staff 1960-1987

Justin Mikolay, Class of 1997

Inaugural class - 2013

Richard Earl Breedon, Ph.D, Class of 1973


Weldon Case, Class of 1938

CDR Beth Anne Creighton USN, Class of 1987

Lt. Ronald Lee Davidson, Class of 1961

Howard Haskins, Class of 1943

Dante Lavelli, Class of 1941

D. Scott Lee, Class of 1978

Paula Lerner, Class of 1977

Capt. Jerry C. Lindh USAF

Martha Litzell Marsh, Class of 1947

Ada Cooper Miller, Class of 1924

Frances B. Murphey, Class of 1940

Gerald "Jerry" Reeves, Staff

Joe Rosato, Class of 1950

Arthur J. Stokes Sr., Class of 1936

Lila Sheetz Wagner, Class of 1933

The Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes those individuals who as high school athletes excelled on our teams.

Fifth class - 2021

Mindy Arbaugh - Class of 1992

Rob Barrone - Class of 1973

Jan Gascoigne - Class of 1982

Louise Hendershott Knox - Class of 1987

Christopher Kessick - Class of 1992

Sue Lopeman Lause - Class of 1978

Craig Robinson  - Coach and Staff 

FOURTH class - 2018

Greg Boyette, Class of 1994

Rob Caniglia, Class of 1991

Lauren Echko, Class of 2005

Matt Eizenberg, Class of 2000

Alex Gedeon, Class of 2008

Chuck Schilling, Coach and Staff 

Jeffrey Fertinato Stein, Class of 1981

Paul Vagi, Staff 

Rob Yanko, Coach and Staff 

Teams: 2002 Boys Soccer State Champions,  2007 Girls Softball

Original Athletic Boosters - Lavelli Stadium Construction Crew - 

James Buxton, Doug Hasbrouck, Robert Hills, Gasper Lococo

Inaugural class - 2012

Teams: The 1984 girls field hockey state champions, The 1969 boys soccer state champions


Field hockey: Wendy Weeden, 1970

Football: Scott Malson, 1983; Joe Rosato, 1950; Brian Vossler, 1976.

Golf: Billy Cassell, 1981

Soccer: Benny Dargle, 1975; Eric Winders, 1969

Swimming: Scott Claypool, 1994


Multiple sports: Rob Bell, 1970; Ed Caldwell, 1931; Les Dingledine, 1963; Hallie Feeman, 1995; Josh Holden, 1999; Dante Lavelli, 1941; David Libertini, 1981; Neil McConnell, 1973; Rich Merino, 1940; Mary Shea, 1984; Michelle Somes, 1977; Tom Wehr, 1979


Staff: Ray Hyser, football coach and athletic director; Keith Hyser, manager of multiple sports; W.E. Parsons, football coach

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