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Hudson City Schools is proud to be one of the highest-achieving public school districts in the State of Ohio. Working with The Hudson City Schools Foundation, you can continue to provide 21st century learning and curriculum for our students. These courses prepare students for the challenges and rigors of college and their careers. 

Learn more below and contact us with any questions.

Support Academics

Our Goal: to create a world-class internationally competitive school system.

The Hudson City Schools Foundation believes this can be accomplished by shifting focus from a broad-based curriculum to a smaller, more personalized approach through the establishment of academies (small schools within the high school) where our students will gain transferrable skills applicable to real-world careers.

Core academic subjects such as English, mathematics, social studies and science will be coupled with courses in technology & design, global cultural mores, business and social entrepreneurship, community service, etc. Project-based, hands-on learning experiences (capstones) will top off the overall structure.


Suggested Academies Programs:

  • International Baccalaureate
  • International business and global opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Invention
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Medicine, Bioscience and Healthcare
  • Arts and their capacity to augment entrepreneurialism
  • Humanities: social studies, integrated language arts, 
  • Environmental sciences: alternative energy, green
       technology, ecology
  • Technology: bioinformatics, IT, software development,


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